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Story writing

Who can enter in the Story writing competition?

The Story writing competition is for participating Growsmart team members only. Each team member will receive a writing toolkit consisting of a planning book for notes and ideas, a nature study book for writing down the final story, as well as a dictionary and stationery. The stories must be written and illustrated by each team member, and the team mentors must return the completed story books by the deadline date.

What must the story be about?

There are various topics (which the mentors will be provided with). Each individual team member may choose any one of these topics.

How must the learners illustrate the book?

Learners must use the stationery in the writing toolkit (and any other personal stationery) to draw illustrations on the blank pages to match the storyline. They can freely use their imagination, creativity and innovation, but it must be their own work.

What is the deadline for the completed story books to be returned?

The completed story books, together with the planning books, must be returned by no later than the deadline date. The story and planning books of all three team members must be returned by the team's mentor.

How will you select the best stories?

The Western Cape Education Department has developed specific criteria in line with the CAPS policy document for evaluating the stories. The evaluation matrix can be found in the documentation the mentors received. Judges from both the WCED and Growthpoint Properties will evaluate each of the story books received from the team members.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners of the Story writing competition will be announced at the Growsmart final in September.