How the competition works

The Debating competition is for Grade 6 learners only and will run alongside the Growsmart Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Story writing competitions, although it will be completely separate from it.

There are two teams competing with three learners each – of which the one team offers a proposition and the other, an opposition. Each learner will have a specific role within the team:

1. Learner one has to present the lay the foundation of the proposition by defining the motion.

2. Learner two has to give motive or research-based support for their argument.

3. Learners three does the reply speech (conclusion).

In general, four minutes in total is allowed per learner. The first minute consists of speaking (no points of information are allowed during this time). Minute two and three allows for unprotected time, where points of information are allowed. The speaker will be allowed 15 seconds between each point of information. The reply (concluding) speech is two minutes long.


Winning team

The three learners in the winning team receive assistance with their future education to the value of R20 000 each. Learners submit a wish list at the start of the competition and if they win, we will ensure that selected wishes are fulfilled. These often include the payment of school fees, new uniforms, computers, printers, books etc. They also receive trophies, medals, certificates and a number of other prizes, such as schoolbags, stationery and books.

Winning mentor

The winning team mentor receives a shopping spree at one of the shopping centres owned by Growthpoint Properties, to the value of R5 000.

Second place

The three learners receive assistance with their future education worth R10 000 each. The mentor receives a R3 000 shopping voucher.

Growsmart final

The top 2 teams will debate at The Lookout, V&A Waterfront. The 1st and 2nd place winners will receive prizes, courtesy of Growthpoint Properties.

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Can I enter the Debating competition if I am participating in another Growsmart competition?

No, you cannot compete in any other current Growsmart competition if you want to enter the Debating competition. You also cannot have competed in any previous Growsmart competitions.

Is there a specific way/ formality of communicating during the debate?

Yes, there is a specific style in which a debate is conducted. For instance, no distractions are allowed, you can speak quietly to your team members and you must let the Chair guide the debate. For all the points, contact your mentor/ teacher.

Is there a specific way of presenting my debate topic?

Yes, for instance, when presenting you must stand up and face the audience/ your opposing team. You will be allowed notes but it is better to try and use them as little as possible. For all the points, contact your mentor/ teacher.