Growsmart - Ameerah Elmie
  • 2020 University or the Western Cape Occupational Therapy
  • 2019 University of the Western Cape Bursary recipient
  • 2018 Christel House Matriculant
  • 2012 Christel House Scholarship recipient
  • 2011 Literacy Competition Winner
  • Beacon View Primary School learner

Ameerah Elmie was one of the three members of the team representing Beacon View Primary School in Growsmart 2011. The team won the Growsmart winner’s trophy on International Literacy Day 2011.

Christel House South Africa awarded Ameerah with a full scholarship for the rest of her schooling. Soon after starting at Christel House in January 2012, Ameerah said, ” The past two weeks have really been a wonderful experience. The other children are very friendly. I love the Student Life activities and reading periods. All my dreams will become reality because of all the opportunities offered at the school.” Ameerah was the top learner in Grade 6
for English, Afrikaans, History and Geography.

At the end of her grade 6, she received awards for excellence in Natural Science and Mathematics, and an award for the top academic achiever in Grade 6. “Growsmart and Christel House opened so many doors and overall, the experience changed my life. The goal that is to make you successful. I have full confidence that without Growsmart and Christel House, I would not be able to have received the opportunities that I have received.” she adds.

Ameerah has been offered a bursary through another organisation and will be completing a BSc in Occupational Therapy at the University of the Western Cape.

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