Growsmart - Michaela Jeptah


  • 2020 Stellenbosch University LLB
  • 2019 Stellenbosch University Bursary recipient
  • 2018 Christel House Matriculant and Christel Award recipient
  • 2013 Christel House Scholarship recipient
  • 2012 Literacy Competition Winner
  • 2012 Belmor Primary School learner

In January 2013, a mere two weeks after her first day at Christel House, Micaela was already settling in and finding her feet. Ameerah Elmie, a Beacon View Primary Growsmart team member who joined Christel House in 2012, had become a close friend.

“I was quite nervous on my first day, because the school was so big. But everyone was so kind and the school so lovely, I soon felt more relaxed”. Micaela spent her days playing volleyball and enjoying the facilities at Christel House. “I loved the computer rooms and the library, there was so much for me to read. Also, by starting at the primary school (grade 7), it allowed me to get used to all my peers and the culture of Christel House. I was very blessed to have been granted the opportunity to attend Christel House. The teachers are amazing, and they always go the extra mile. At my old school the average number of students was about 50 in a class and suddenly, I was in a class with 30 students,” she explained.

“I feel coming from a public school in Hanover Park made me more appreciative of the opportunity that I had at Christel House. I will forever be eternally grateful to Growsmart for the opportunity that I was given,“ she adds. A Growsmart bursary will enable Micaela to complete an LLB degree at Stellenbosch University. She also received Christel House’s ‘2018 Christel Award’.

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