• This is based on a spelling bee competition. It requires learners to not just spell words, but also to give definitions and construct sentences. The language is English only.
  • The reason for including definitions is so that learners understand the words they are using. Take the example of the word “water”. The spelling is easy, but most people do not know how to define it properly. Most would say that water is something that we drink, or that water is a liquid. That definition would be insufficient because Coca-Cola and tea and juice are all liquids that we drink, but they are not water. Learners are encouraged and taught to be as clear in their definitions as possible.
  • Each school is represented by a team of 3 learners.
  • Each competition is overseen by a quizmaster, judges and scorekeepers. The teams compete in front of an audience of supporters, teachers and parents.
  • The quizmaster begins by giving the first team a word. The team will then have thirty seconds to discuss the word. When the time is up, one member of the team must spell the word, the second member must provide the definition, and the third member must use the word in a sentence. The team receives one point for each correct answer. The quizmaster then moves over to team number 2 and gives them a different word. The competition round also consists of a buzzer section in which the quizmaster asks a question and the team to press the buzzer first is the team that gets to answer.
  • At the end of the competition round, the team will the highest score advances to the next level of the competition and the other teams are eliminated, although they will continue to receive Growsmart newspapers for all their learners in Grades 4, 5 and 6. If there is a tie for the highest score, the teams are separate by means of a tie-breaker.
  • Competitions are held on Saturdays so as not to interfere with schooling.
  • All participating learners receive either certificates or medals.
  • There are prizes for the top 3 schools, their teams and the mentors.