Saskia headline
  • 2020 Christel House Scholarship recipient

  • 2019 Top 20 Story Writing Published Author

  • 2019 Spineview Primary School learner

Saskia is an incredible young girl, who is a passionate debater, committed and protective friend, anime fanatic and wrestling fan. Facing many personal challenges at an early age, Saskia is optimistic and excited about her future with a great support system around her and her mother could not be more proud of all her incredible achievements.

Mrs. Mentor, Saskia’s teacher at Spineview Primary introduced her to the Growsmart Educational Programme. Although she was a fairly new learner at the school Mrs. Mentor saw a passion and potential in Saskia and encouraged her to enter despite this. Her highlight of the programme was being able to connect with other story writing learners.

Saskia’s first year as a grade 5 learner at Christel House started in January 2020, kicking off with a grade 5 camp, about the camp she says “the camp was amazing, we did multiple activities which were tiring but exciting, we walked, we hiked, learned about the constellations and more, it was really awesome.” Christel House presents many opportunities for Saskia, including an incredible learning environment, “There is a major difference with what Christel House has to offer me, they have clinics, we are given a uniform, there are libraries and a food hall where we receive lunch every day.” says Saskia.

According to Saskia, there are 3 people who inspire her to achieve her goals, namely her grandmother, mother and Nelson Mandela, whom she says inspires her most. Saskia has amazing dreams and wants to pursue a career as aprofessional debater or like Nelson Mandela wants to become a politician so that she will be in a position to make a difference in the lives of the people in her community and South Africa. One of her primary goals is to bring justice in places where it is needed the most, she says “I want to make our country better.”

Saskia’s words to future Growsmarters is “Don’t give up, I was not sure whether I would make it to the top 20 in the story writing competition but look at me now, a published author. So my word of advice is, don’t give up because you might actual end up where you want to be and there are great opportunities for you through Growsmart.”

Read her story in the 2019 Growsmart published book